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TREX 600 Nitro Pro For Sale

Hi everyone! So I got in a little over my head as a newbie entering this hobby! As you all can see based on my postings in the main form, I am still learning how to fly my Raptor 30 successfully! I initially entered the hobby by purchasing four helicopters from a neighbor of mine who has a total of 28 helicopters! He sold me 2 beginner helicopters, 1 intermediate and 1 advanced as a package deal. I am realizing that it will be quite some time until I get to the level of flying the advanced helicopter and therefore I am choosing to sell it. Below are the details and photographs of my never flown (by me) T-Rex 600 Nitro Pro that I am selling for $815.00; shipping, handling and insurance coverage is already included in the price of $815.00, if shipping anywhere in The United States. I will dismount and bubble wrap landing skids, main rotor blades and Tail Boom for shippment. Details: OS 50 Nitro Motor w/ high compression Curtis Youngblood Pipe RJX Hobby External Fuel Tank Remote Switch Glow Included GV-1 Governer Futaba GY611 Gyro Futaba S9254 Digital Tail Servo x 1 / Futaba S9252 Digital Servos x 3 Spektrum AR7000 Receiver w/Satellite (7-Channel) CF Tail Boom with Torque Tube Curtis Youngblood Main Rotor Blades & Tail Blades (CF) Align Main Rotor Blade Holder Align's Boilerplate Specifications for Align 600 Nitro Pro: 1.Both the T-Rex 600 Nitro and 600 Nitro Pro include a Beautiful factory painted fiberglass canopy. Canopy also features a rigid easy clip on/off design for ...



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