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The KOS talk about Tidal Wave 6

Back in August of 2010, Mondo Vega first showed up at New Wave Pro Wrestling. He promised to bring the KOS into New Wave and shake the promotion to its core. Little did we know what he had in store for us. At Tidal Wave 5 last year the first part of Mondo Vega's plan went into effect. Chris Kadillak turned his back on longtime friend SoCal Crazy and was the first person to join the KOS. In April of 2011 Mondo Vega brought in his second member of the KOS. The 400lb "King of Size" Terex. In his 2nd match with New Wave Terex became the Heavyweight Champion in July of 2011. At this point SoCal Crazy & B-Boy joined forces to take on the KOS. During a 6 man B-Boy & SoCal Crazy thought they evened the odds when they brought in Joey Ryan. They had no idea that Mondo Vega got to Joey Ryan and offered him a spot in the KOS which he accepted. This caused B-Boy to lose the Rapid Division Championship to Chris Kadillak during a 6-Man Tag Team Match where B-Boy's Rapid Title and Terex's Heavyweight Title were on the line. The KOS had New Wave's number every time. This brought us to January of 2012. Another 6-Man tag team match between the KOS, B-Boy, & SoCal Crazy. SoCal & B-Boy had a lot of trouble finding a partner to go against the KOS, or so thats what they made everyone think. Before the match Mondo Vega brought out KOS Original Ryan Taylor who had contacted Mondo about coming into New Wave as well. What Mondo didn't know was that was the plan of SoCal Crazy & B-Boy. They finally ...

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