Video - Terex PT-100G Posi-Track Loader Introduction

Videa Terex PT-100 Terex PT-100G Posi-Track Loader Introduction

Terex PT-100G Posi-Track Loader Introduction

The Terex PT-100G is the most powerful CTL on the market, and the most technologically advanced Posi-Track loader to date. The Terex PT-100G is in a class of its own, with a 100hp engine and the strongest high flow on the market--171lpm (45gpm) at 3800psi, for unstoppable hydraulic performance. It comes standard with a comfortable sealed and pressurised operator station (in Australia), with the best air conditioning available. It also features a next-generation Posi-Track undercarriage with osculating bogey wheels full ground contact even in uneven terrain, and maintenance free metal face seals on all wheels. For more information, visit or call toll free (in Australia) 1300 TEREX1 (1300 837 391).

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