Video - Terex-Demag-Liebherr cranes V-2.0

Videa Terex Cranes Terex-Demag-Liebherr cranes V-2.0

Terex-Demag-Liebherr cranes V-2.0

This is the continuation of my previous video Terex-Demag-Liebherr cranes. I own the full rights of all photo's used in this slideshow since all photo's are made by myself. I DO NOT own any rights from the music tracks I used in this video. I used the following tracks in this video. # Push- Universal Nation # DJ's United - Remember Love # DJ Dean - It's A Dream (DJ Manian vs. Yanou Remix) # Tom Boxer & Morena feat. J Warner - Deep In Love # Alexis & Fido - 5 Letras # Mike Candys feat. Evelyn - One Night In Ibiza # Scooter - The Sound Above My Hair

Zwijndrecht, rickwad, Ambacht, hijskraan, crane, big, lift, terex, demag, liebherr, nbig, heavy, LTM, 11200-9.1, Sarens, Mammoet, Ter, linden, Boekestijn, Push-, Universal, Nation, Mike, Candys, Evelyn, Feat., Patrick, Miller, One, Night, In, Ibiza, Alexi


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