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Schibeci ST1000 Stabilizing with Terex ASV PT100

A short video showing road stabilization with the Schibeci ST1000 and Terex ASV PT100. This job was 120 square meters (1300 square feet). It took 30 minutes to mill the job at 150mm (6 inches) deep. There was 70mm of asphalt overlay on a clay road base. The contractor then spread lime stabilizer and mixed it in with the milled material in preparation for grading, compaction and overlay of asphalt. The contractor could have spread the lime binder on the road pavement before the initial milling process, but because there was significant cracking in the road, the material may not have broken down ready for compaction in a single pass. When there is a lot of cracking in the road, the material tends to "chunk" out, rather than mill to a fine size when the road is solid. Below are some more details about the Schibeci ST1000: - The ST1000 is a dedicated 1 metre stabilizing machine. It has a cutting depth of 220mm and is designed for stabilizing & some milling applications. - The side shift allows for stabilizing outside the line of most skid steers. - The ST1000 is designed primarily for the Roadworks and Construction industry. - Excellent visability for the operator. - It's solid framework and fluid dynamic design makes the ST1000 stable in the cut. - The two levelling rams on the ST1000 give the operator a high degree of accuracy in cutting depth and cross slope control. - Dust suppression system as well as stabilization fluid/binding injection ports are standard on the ST1000 ...

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