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Petes Equipment Sales and Rentals

Pete's Equipment Sales & Rentals Inc. is a family owned business in Vermont and we are dedicated to our customers! We offer a diversified product line of Terex Construction Equipment - 4000# to 112000# excavators, loader backhoes, and bucket loaders ranging from 1/2 yard to 6 yards, ASV track loaders, Barko Log Loaders, previously Ranger cable and grapple skidders, and new to our fleet the Kioti Tractors. We have a complete line of rental equipment for most any job. And let's not forget where we came from, a full service shop and nicely equipped field service truck. Take a look at our products page or for more information give us a call at 802-888-5138 or toll free at 1-866-803-5511. Check us out on the web: Visit us at 746 Brooklyn Street Morrisville VT 05661.

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