Video - P&H Mining Equipment: "PreVail®"

Videa Terex 400S P&H Mining Equipment: "PreVail®"

P&H Mining Equipment: "PreVail®"

Helping Cutting Edge Mining Shovels Prevail: As they gather up and deliver upwards of 120 tons of material and carefully release it into the waiting tray of a 400-ton-capacity haul truck every 30 seconds, P&H electric mining shovels use highly sophisticated electronic drives and controls to synchronize everything from the operators joystick controls to powerful electric motors and brawny, whisper-quiet transmission sets. Helping mines to optimize the reliability and productivity performance of modern P&H shovels is a powerful remote health monitoring system called PreVail®. It monitors a neural network containing upwards of 500 electrical and mechanical systems performance-tracking nodes on the shovel, and efficiently distills large volumes of machine performance and systems health data into valuable knowledge that helps shovel operations and maintenance teams optimize productivity and uptime for lower-cost-per-ton mining operations.

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