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Videa Terex 400S P&H Mining Equipment 4100XPC AC Mechanical Systems

P&H Mining Equipment 4100XPC AC Mechanical Systems

How is an AC drive P&H 4100XPC electric mining shovel set up to efficiently gather up 120-ton dipper loads of material for precision placement within the waiting tray of a 400-ton capacity haul truck - every 30 seconds on average? This latest-generation P&H 4100XPC relies upon the finest structural and mechanical systems proven and refined over nine decades in construction and mining operations. Perched above the rugged lower works consisting of a massive carbody and crawler belts is a roomy, well-lit and easy-to-maintain machinery deck on the revolving frame. All that machinery drives a mighty dig attachment featuring a dipper of up to 82 cubic yards at the end of a twin-leg, rack-and-pinion-driven handle. This is one serious digging machine. Best in class. Fun to watch!

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