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Oasis Overland South America truck

Oasis Overland operates tours in South America from Rio to Quito up to 15 weeks in length coinciding with Rio Carnival, or shorter trips in Peru & Bolivia from 15 to 27 days. The majority of our vehicles are Scania 93 series 4x2 trucks of between 220 and 260 horsepower. They are custom built 23 & 24 seat vehicles made to handle & deal with the terrain and climates we encounter along the way on our trips. Our South America trucks are equipped with: - A mixture of 23 & 24 inward, forward and rear facing coach seats with head rests, providing more storage space for your souvenirs and luggage as well as extra leg room to stretch out on the longer journeys (thus avoiding the typical bus type layout of all forward facing seats with narrow aisles and cramped leg room with less storage). - Extra storage lockers for souvenirs & extra baggage, sleeping mats etc - Under-seat storage for your backpack so you have easy access - even when driving - A mixture of sliding & fixed windows, providing extensive all round viewing - All trucks are equipped with sandmats and, where necessary, tyre chains - 12V charging points for Camera, Video & Mobile phone batteries - Internal truck buzzer system - to communicate with the crew - A comprehensive range of spare parts and tools - Stereo with MP3, iPod & CD walkman adaptors - Large dried and fresh food storage capacities - Onboard truck safe for documents and money - Overhead lockers for cameras and day bags - Large water carrying capacity ...

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