Video - Nitro Engine Rebuild

Videa Terex TV (800-1400) Nitro Engine Rebuild

Nitro Engine Rebuild

Follow along with my video to learn how to rebuild your RC car/truck's nitro engine! Leave any questions in the comments and I'll answer them! And yes, I know I'm putting the old piston/sleeve back in! You need a new sleeve/piston, wristpin, and (after about 2 rebuilds) a new conrod! I only put the old stuff back in because it is a junker engine that I never plan to do anything with! 40 thousand views! Thanks, guys! I'll get more videos up based on viewer requests about basic RC aspects. Keep in mind, I cannot do many vehicle specific tutorials, but more along the lines of general information that everyone needs to know about RC. Send me some messages, and I'll try to get some more up!

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