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MQ Rock Breaker Boom Range

Please see our range of pedestal and mobile boom systems. Our range of pedestal boom systems are designed for use on Jaw, Impact, Cone and Gyratory crushers as well as other applications such as breaking oversized material on the grizzly. Manufactured from the highest quality materials to withstand the toughest of applications, the range is built to ensure safety and increase production. Our mobile boom systems are designed for mobile crusher applications. By design our mobile boom systems can integrate onto all makes and model of mobile crusher. Their compact dimensions enable the boom to remain on the crusher during transport thus eliminating down-time on site for assembly and disassembly. At McQuaid Engineering Ltd we offer a complete boom system package to our customers. Along with our Rock Breaker Boom, we can also supply the Hydraulic Breaker, Hydraulic Power Pack, operating controls, supporting steelwork and full installation. A full customer support service is provided right from the selection stage where our engineers advise on the most suited boom package for your requirements, through to the site installation of the boom and furthermore to our after sales spares parts service, where we stock full spare parts and provide fast and efficient delivery globally.

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