Video - Loctite 648 & Terex Application Video - English

Videa Terex TR45 Loctite 648 & Terex Application Video - English

Loctite 648 & Terex Application Video - English

Loctite 648 gets the heaviest jobs done! Loctite products cover the full spectrum of industrial sealants and adhesives to carry even the heaviest load -- for a long way! Loading up to 100 metric tons, Terex trucks are reliable and durable constructions. Loctite 518 is used for sealing rigid flange surfaces. It increases the load bearing capacity. Loctite 648 is used for locking locating studs to reach a super high resistance to loads. It keeps a Terex truck's differential in place, which weighs more than half a ton! Loctite 648 also gives heavy machinery maximum vibration resistance. Trust the industry's finest: Our products have been working without a fail for Terex! Get reliable, easy-to-use solutions for all adhesive, sealing and preparation needs with Loctite 648! Visit for further information.

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