Video - Lake Goldsmith Ruston No 4 Face Shovel

Videa Terex T-340 Lake Goldsmith Ruston No 4 Face Shovel

Lake Goldsmith Ruston No 4 Face Shovel

Donated to the Association in 1983 our largest exhibit is a 1924 Ruston Horsby Class No 20 SNC (Steam Navvy Crane) construction number 923. It was sold to the Australian Portland Cement Company at Fryansford on the outskirts of Geelong Vic. and entered service in 1925 It was used in the limestone quarry until 1980 it and its sister crane (No. 5, now preserved in Sydney) had some exciting times-they created the roads for a 3 foot 6 inch railway line that carried the limestone under the Moorabool River to the works some 5 miles away. The floor of the quarry itself ended up below the Moorabool River and inevitably the river flooded---and our face shovel ended up 200 feet underwater! It was recovered with little damage after the quarry was pumped out. The face shovel weighs 90 tons and it was a massive effort for our members to disassemble the monster, load it onto many semi trailers, transport it to our site, and reassemble it..Their efforts are rewarded at our two rallies each year where the No 4 Face Shovel continues to impress and amaze our visitors.

Lake Goldsmith, Ruston No. 4, Face Shovel, 1983, Geelong



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