Video - Fire brigade - Hasiči OSTRAVA!!!-Mercedes Benz ACTROS 4154 AK .wmv

Videa Terex Lighting Fire brigade - Hasiči OSTRAVA!!!-Mercedes Benz ACTROS 4154 AK .wmv

Fire brigade - Hasiči OSTRAVA!!!-Mercedes Benz ACTROS 4154 AK .wmv

This is a salvage car from the Austrian company EMPL. Osmikolový truck Mercedes Benz Actros V8 is equipped with a hydraulic crane HIAB XS 800-9E devítidílnou set with a hydraulic arm with a fork transport (ie glasses) with a lifting height 5 mA tonnage 29 tons. At maximum reach 22 m crane can lift 2400 kilograms. The minimum unloaded 3.7 m is the maximum load 18000 kg. The car is obviously done in RAL 3024th The Czech situation will be dealt with well in excess of VRZ, the cabin is a flash ramp Tesla, VXL series of length 1708 mm (type VNLC BbaaSaabB 024F), four ramps, but less (type VNLC 024F Baa) are then placed on the superstructure itself. On the mask are then two more flashes and additional lights, which in turn VRZ problikávají, which only enhances the overall impression impressive. Of the vehicle includes front winch rope 4.5 tons, then the superstructure 10 and 20 t remote control throughout the body, a camera for the journey back, Honda 5.5 KVA power generators, hydraulic rescue tools with two winches, pneumatic lifting bags, lighting mast 4x500W and other tools, aids, slings and fire extinguishers. The price of this handsome was approximately 14 million CZK. Jedná se o vyprošťovací automobil od rakouské firmy EMPL. Osmikolový podvozek Mercedes Benz Actros V8 je osazen hydraulickým jeřábem HIAB XS 800-9E s devítidílnou sadou a hydraulickým ramenem s transportní vidlicí (tzv. brýle) s výškou zdvihu 5 ma nosností 29 tun. Při maximálním vyložení 22 m uzvedne jeřáb 2 ...

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