Video - EU Terex 2010 - evacuation of the schools in Barga

Videa Terex Backhoe Loaders EU Terex 2010 - evacuation of the schools in Barga

EU Terex 2010 - evacuation of the schools in Barga The international earthquake simulation exercise called EU Terex 2010 kicked off at dawn this morning in Fornaci di Barga with a RAI television troupe filming in the rubble of the school demolished earlier this week (article here) Two interviews with members of the emergency services and the Mayor of Barga Marco Bonini went out live on national TV for the RAI 3 program "Buongiorno regione". The centre of attention then moved to local schools where plans were underway for mass evacuation later on this morning. The scenario envisaged is that of a simulated earthquake in Garfagnana -- in the area around Piazza Serchio with simulated damage in and around Barga. The organisers of EU Terex 2010 are planning on simulating damage and response by emergency services to the same kind of earthquake which struck Garfagnana on the 6th -7th September in 1920 and caused 171 deaths. The scenario this November will be of an earthquake registering 10 on the Mercalli scale with between 1000 to 7000 victims and 4o,000 to 2oo,000 houses collapsed and roads blocked not just in the provinces of Lucca and Massa, but also in neighbouring areas.

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