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Demag ProMat 2013

The Demag booth at ProMat 2013 will feature our: -Wire rope hoists and Crane Kits (Xpress Program) -- Our most requested products now shipped in 5 days. -KBK Freestanding Workstation cranes - With increased spans and heights now available. -DR-Com Crane Kits With Top Mounted Endtrucks - Most efficient and economical way for independent crane builders to construct a crane. -Demag's Variable Speed Chain hoists -- Give your operators complete control for high speed lifting and exact spotting of loads. -Demag's Process Crane Game featuring Waste-to-Energy Cranes - Where you can test your lifting and handling ability. -Genie Quick Stock, from the Terex Aerial Work Platform Division.The QuickStock is designed to increase efficiency while reducing ladder work for any stocking or picking work at heights.


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