Video - Clearwater Florida - Water's Edge Condos

Videa Terex 400S Clearwater Florida - Water's Edge Condos

Clearwater Florida - Water's Edge Condos

This is a video of the construction of Water's Edge 27 story highrise, downtown Clearwater Florida. General Contractors Opus South, with High Rise Concrete Systems subcontracting the concrete structure. Tower Crane - Terex Peiner. Initial height of 200 foot. Two crane jumps of 100 foot each, done by Maxim Crane, R&R Erectors, and Crane Operator, with 200000 lb hydraulic collar jack. Total crane height of 400 foot above Clearwater Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Tower Crane was erected on September 22, 2006 and the concrete structure began taking shape. After 14 months, and a lot of hard work, Water's Edge concrete structure was complete. Tower Crane was dismantled in November 2007, and the final completion of project and opening was early 2008. Credit to Mike Engelmann for the creation of this amazing video and his hard work in making this project successful. Special thanks to Larry Ober, Karl Shane, Ron Saylor, Daniel Rodriguez, Wade Suggs, Jack Brown, Maxim Crane and R&R Erectors for their unprecedented work and dedication to this high rise project's success.

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