Video - Chelsea Street Bridge Tower Lift

Videa Terex 600S Chelsea Street Bridge Tower Lift

Chelsea Street Bridge Tower Lift

Watch in HD for Best Quality!! On April 20th and 21st, 2010 JF White Contracting and Saugus Construction Company completed two HUGE lifts building the primary leg support structures of the north tower of the Chelsea Street Bridge in Chelsea, MA. Each pre-assembled column section weighed 424000 pounds (212 tons) and was 120 feet in height. The height at the top of the completed structure is 220 feet. Lifting duties were accomplished using Hallmore's Demag CC2800 600-ton lattice crane with a Superlift configuration accompanied by their Demag 600-ton mobile crane for column tripping. Steel erection performed by Saugus Construction with their crew assisted by Local 7 Ironworkers out of Boston, MA. Soundtrack by brokenkites Directed ,shot and edited by Stephen SetteDucati

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