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Case 721B Armoured Wheeled loader

Case 721B Armoured Wheeled loader with 4 in 1 bucket, forklift attachment, rear mounted winch, Penmans armoured cabs with fire extinguisher system. Fitted with front mounted hydraulic 10000 kg capacity winch. Joystick controls. Units Available for SALE: 5 Details Engine Case 6T-830 157 HP Gearbox ZF 4WG Brakes disc, dual circuit Steering Hydrostatic Electrics 24 volts Tyres 20.5 x 25 Length 8.2 M Height 3.25 M Width 2.5 M Description Case 721 B Armoured Wheeled loader In late 2000 the UK MoD placed an order with Case International Limited for 103 model 721 CXT wheeled loaders for use by the Royal Engineers. Designated Medium Wheeled Tractor (MWT) by the British Army, they are used for a variety of roles from earthmoving and excavation to general materials handling and heavy lifting. The model 721 CXT is a development of the model 721 BXT, also used by the Royal Engineers, details of which can be found elsewhere in this section. Based around a commercial machine built in the USA by the Case Corporation, the 721 CXT machines have been customised in the UK to meet British Army specifications. Modifications include a front chassis mounted 10000 kg capacity hydraulic winch, a multipurpose 2.1 m3 four-in-one bucket, side-shift pallet forks and a front loader mounted ripper, all supplied by Ulrich Attachments Limited. Each MWT also deploys carrying its own spare wheel and tyre and is equipped with sufficient dry storage space for a full CES kit and the operator`s personal ...

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