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Atlas Terex 95.1 Truck

All Atlas vehicles were manufactured at Hamilton, near Glasgow. The company was established in the UK in 1963 as a subsidiary of the German company, Atlas Weyhausen GmbH, which got into financial difficulties. Atlas was taken over by Terex of the US in 2001 and is now called Atlas-Terex. According to an article from 2002 there was nothing at all like an Atlas crane in America. The vehicle seen here was parked outside the market hall on Northampton Road in Market Harborough, in connection with road works. I realised after writing this that the USA did have a vehicle with a loading arm - the Space Shuttle. Another truck in use in the Harborough area has a loading arm like this. It is an HMF 1144 and if you search for those terms you should find 3 videos of it in my collection here at YouTube.

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