Video - ASV Posi-Track RC Series Product Line

Videa Terex RC-100 ASV Posi-Track RC Series Product Line

ASV Posi-Track RC Series Product Line

This video represents ASV Posi-Track's RC Series of Compact Track Loaders. This amazing series of machines launched in 2001 with the RC-30 and quickly grew to include the RC-100, and the RC-50. These original Posi-Tracks sparked a revolution in the industry as contractors and operators realised the benefits of ASV's incredible rubber tracked undercarriage. The original is still the best, and ASV remains the only compact track loader in the world with a fully independent torsion axle suspension system. Combine that with class-leading ground clearance the best HP to weight ratio in the industry, outstanding visibility, incredible pushing power, all in compact design that doesn't compromise transportability, and you can see why ASV remains the best and most innovative compact track loader in the industry. ASV... Works where others can't.

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