Video - ASV Posi-Track Loader 80HP CTL Shooutout

Videa Terex Track Loaders ASV Posi-Track Loader 80HP CTL Shooutout

ASV Posi-Track Loader 80HP CTL Shooutout

See the SR-80 put through its paces against other 80 HP compact track loaders! Like all ASV Posi-Track loaders, the SR-80 features a unique torsion axle suspension system that allows it to generate much more traction than other compact track loaders. The SR-80 goes a step further, incorporating a floating bogey system that allows the track to conform to the ground over uneven terrain, maximizing ground contact area and tractive effort. The SR-80 was superceded by the PT-80, which as you can see, is the smoothest running, most comfortable operating machines on the market. ASV... Works where the others can't!

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