Video - 2011 Terex Posi-Track Loader Range

Videa Terex PT-100 2011 Terex Posi-Track Loader Range

2011 Terex Posi-Track Loader Range

Introducing the entire 2011 Terex Posi-Track model range, including the new PT-100G! Terex Posi-Track loaders are built tough, and feature fully independent suspension undercarriages for the smoothest ride, the lowest ground pressure, and the best traction of any compact track loader on the market! These tough Posi-Track undercarriages are built with a wide open design allowing them to easily shed material, and allow complete access for routine cleaning. With the exception of the PT-30, the entire range now includes heavy duty metal face seals on all wheels--the same type of technology used on large steel tracked dozers--allowing wheel bearings to last the life of the machine. All undercarriage components are able to be individually replaced as needed, minimizing operating costs and maximizing return on investment. Most of this film was shot on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, by Terex and ASV Sales & Service, Australia's largest Terex Posi-Track dealer. The extremely wet site location shows the amazing capability of the Posi-Track range, illustrating how these machines have the capability of working where others can't. For more information, visit or call toll free in Australia, 1300 TEREX1 (1300 837 391)!

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