Terex TA 1EH

Terex TA 1EH

Model: TA (2009 - ...)

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Terex® 1 tonne site dumpers operate on the narrowest job sites, providing superior versatility and performance via a host of productivity enhancing features:

Class leading turning radius of just 2.3 meters

Class leading skip capacities (540 litre heaped/ 450 litre struck)

Class leading 35 litre fuel tank

Permanent 4WD via the "Poclain Twin-Lock" traction control system

Internally mounted skip rams are very well protected from costly damage

Heavy duty 5mm skip base plate extends working life and supports stronger resale values

Single lever tipping control

Drive System

The "Poclain Twin-Lock" traction control system dramatically reduces horsepower loss and heat generation associated with conventional transmission systems. In practice this means:

  • Automatic transfer of torque to the wheels with the greatest traction to prevent wheel spin
  • Automatic hydrostatic braking upon release of the foot throttle
  • Automatic handbrake applied upon selecting neutral
  • Fewer transmission components


Kubota 15.5kW (20.8hp)

  • High performance
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Excellent service access
  • Superglow system reduces pre-heating time for faster engine starting in low temperatures

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Terex TA 1EH
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