Terex MHL350 HD

Terex MHL350 HD

Model: MHL350

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Terex Fuchs MHL350 HD Logging Handler

Field proven…Purpose-Built…Rugged. Built around an ironclad, field-proven design, today’s Terex® Fuchs MHL350 E HD log handler includes specially designed features for boosting efficiency at the mill yard. Its rugged undercarriage and broad 17.4-ft (5.3-m) outrigger base – 10% wider than a standard MHL350 machine – deliver exceptional stability when loading/unloading trailers or charging the infeed deck. Broad stabilizer plates spread machine load over a large area and independently controlled outriggers deliver outstanding machine support on uneven terrain. 

Hungry for material and equipped with a variety of pulpwood and combination grapples, the MHL350 E HD delivers the power to lift up to a 15,600-lb (7,076-kg) load at a 30-ft (9.1-m) radius. Its 45.9-ft (14-m) reach – much longer than converted excavators – offers convenient, efficient loading/unloading of trailers for high-volume operations. 

Featuring a drive system designed specifically for log-handling, the machine’s two-speed powershift transmission with four-wheel drive delivers the best of both worlds: power and torque for towing fully loaded log trailers; and the ability to quickly move about the mill yard at speeds reaching 9.9-mph (16.0-km/h). Its 30° steering angle allows the handler to efficiently maneuver in tight spaces, and large pneumatic tires provide exceptional flotation and traction. Greater than 2-ft (0.6-m) ground clearance significantly reduces the risk of damage to undercarriage components.

Large surface area coolers, protected by vented panels, keep the MHL350 E HD handler’s environmentally friendly 214-hp (160-kw) engine running cool, even when temperatures reach 122° F (50° C). Hydraulically elevating operators to a maximum 18.4-ft (5.6-m) eye-level, the heated and air-conditioned cab keeps operators comfortable to boost productivity.


Operating weight t (lbs) 36 (79,500)
Engine Power kW (hp) 160 (215)
Reach to stick tip m (ft) 14 (45.9)

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Terex MHL350 HD
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