Terex TC48

Terex TC48

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Ideal for fleet owners who need the capabilities of a conventional excavator in a smaller package, the Terex® TC48 compact crawler excavator offers a large operator’s platform with two-sided entry for easy access from both sides. Operators also enjoy the pilot-operated controls with changeable control patterns to best fit each operator’s particular preferences and easy operation.

Engineered with load independent flow distribution (LUDV), the available hydraulic flow on this excavator is proportionally distributed to provide hydraulic power when and where it is needed. All functions can be controlled simultaneously and independently from one another, and the system enables operators to precisely control all functions at every motor speed, independent of the load, to maintain a consistent level of productivity. Large amounts of hydraulic oil in the auxiliary hydraulic circuit mean that this Terex excavator can be controlled precisely at all times, and work attachments such as hydraulic hammers, cutting units and auger drills can be operated productively. This excavator’s auto-idling system helps improve fuel economy while lowering engine noise when the excavator is not carrying a load or in use. And, it’s two-gear drive motor offer automatic speed changes for agile movement on jobsites.

Visibility is maximized with the unit’s offset boom design with built-in swing. This design also allows for multi-width excavation and parallel-to-wall operation. The 39-hp TC48 excavator weighs 10,495 lb and has a maximum dig depth 12 ft 2 in and a maximum reach 19 ft 8 in. This unit has a bucket capacity of 2.4 – 8.2 ft3.


Transport weight kg (lbs) 4,860 (10,320)
Operating weight kg (lbs) 4,760 (10,495)
Engine power kW (hp) 29.4 (40)
Bucket capacity l (yd³) 68-232 (2.4-8.2)
Max dig depth mm (ft) 3,700 (12' 2")

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Terex TC48
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Terex TC48
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