Terex MHL380

Terex MHL380

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Terex Fuchs MHL380 Scrap and Bulk Material Handler

Scrap Handling Application

Brute strength…Precise handling. The largest, most powerful machine Terex® Fuchs offers, the MHL380 material handling beast swallows mountains of scrap material in a single grab to quickly feed shredders, trailers and railcars. Delivering a maximum 69-ft (21-m) boom/stick configuration, this handler stockpiles material higher, so operations can more efficiently use available acreage.

The purpose-built MHL380 is designed specifically for high-volume material handling. Its dual-circuit hydraulic system reserves one independent circuit for slew drive, increasing torque, cycle speed and precision. Not one, but two rows of bearings are used to spread out the operating forces of the upper carriage swing, for unparalleled durability and component life. Hungry 1.8-yd3 (1.4-m3) grapple and 2.6 yd3 (2.0-m3) clamshell attachments quickly devour stockpiled scrap to boost processing volumes. 

Operators are treated to a birds-eye view of the entire yard through the panoramic windows and hydraulically height-adjustable cab, providing a maximum 20-ft (6.2-m) eye-level operation. Inside the cab, operators experience the softer side of this junkyard dog with dual joystick control, configured with convenient function grouping to increase operator productivity. Its multifunction control button delivers intuitive navigation through display menu functions. Standard heating and air-conditioning keeps the operator comfortable, while the air-cushioned set with headrest, lumbar support and heating puts him in the lab of luxury.

Separate hydraulic and engine cooling systems maximize cooling efficiencies of both systems, so the MHL380 handler doesn’t get hot under the collar, even with sustained operation in ambient temperatures reaching 122° F (50° C). The system’s quiet, hydrostatically powered oil-cooling system efficiently dissipates heat to extend the service life of system components. 

Bulk Material Handling Application

Mobile…Productive…Cost effective. Unlike stationary cable or gantry cranes, the mobile Terex® Fuchs MHL380 material handler quickly moves about the port to where it’s needed. Its far-reaching, 69-ft (21-m) boom/stick configuration delivers less vessel repositioning and faster, more efficient material offloading. The available cranked boom design shifts the reach arc toward the handler, simplifying offloading material below grade.

Purpose-built for the demands of port applications, the MHL380 handler boasts an independent closed-loop circuit dedicated to slewing of the upper carriage for quick, efficient and precise movements. This powerful machine’s broad stabilizer base and up to 147,710 (67,000 kg) weight enables this behemoth to lift tons of material, even when extended for 60-ft-plus (18.3-m) grabs. Its available 1.8-yd3 (1.4-m3) grapple or 2.6 yd3 (2.0-m3) clamshell grab enables the MHL380 to load and unload vessels with fewer cycles.

Visibility and operator comfort are at the heart of the MHL380’s design. Offering panoramic views of the operating area, its elevating cab lifts operators to a maximum 20-ft (6.2-m) eye-level to see over vessel walls, while independent horizontal 7.0-ft (2.2-m) extension enhances visibility inside cells. The cab’s ergonomic dual joystick control, configured specifically for material handling, features convenient function grouping to boost operator productivity and comfort.

The MHL380 material handler is built around a rugged design that includes strategically placed steel plates to shield the hydraulic lines and rigid hydraulic pipes to defend against damage. Innovative cooler arrangement maximizes cooling efficiencies of the hydraulic system and engine to provide reliable operation in temperatures reaching 122° F (50° C).


Operating weight t (lbs) Up to 67 (147,710)
Engine power kW (hp) 273 (371)
Reach to stick tip m (ft) Up to 21 (68' 9")

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Terex MHL380
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Terex MHL380
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